education & training

acc solutions lets you find the routine in the change

Your investment is worth it:

In the introduction or optimization of business processes, the employees involved need new training and maintenance of training they have learned. The half-life of user knowledge in IT is particularly short.

acc solutions creates appropriate trainings and trainings specifically for you. On the basis of your specific case, you and your employees will learn how to use acc solutions solutions for your business processes. acc solutions offers additional support with a wiki, checklists, and webinars.

Train-the-Trainer method:
In order to establish the new processes in their company on a sustainable and cost-effective basis, acc solutions uses the Train-the-Trainer method. acc solutions supports you with the implementation of the method and the right choice of the trainer. You benefit from low training costs and use of the multiplier effect. By involving your employees, you increase acceptance and eliminate fears.

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