Machinery Industry
Machinery Industry

Increase productivity and efficiency

By networking the entire value chain on one platform, you can automate business processes and increase your productivity and efficiency.

Recognize your turnover potential in sales

With the sales pipeline of the Service Champion you experience new possibilities in sales. Report sales KPIs at the touch of a button and realistically estimate your sales potential through the sales pipeline. Focus on particularly promising leads and increase your sales. Discover strengths and weaknesses in the sales team and optimize your skills.

Differentiate yourself by an excellent service

Excellent customer service sets you apart from your competitors. The Service Champion offers you a 360-degree customer view and a top-structured helpdesk. Service Assignements can be triggered by the Helpdesk at the push of a button and transmitted to the field technicians without errors. Reliable, well-informed field technicians and timely maintenance worldwide considerably reduce the "down" times of machines. Thanks to the prompt billing of corrective and preventive maintenance work, fewer questions arise on the customer side. Customers are satisfied and buy again. Thanks to error-free and precise work orders and reports, no more money is lost. The service for repairs and maintenance also increases turnover. The transparency that has been created also makes it possible to maintain a high level of quality management (CIP, Six Sigma, 8D) in complex environments.

Create transparency along the entire value chain

If you use the Service Champion, you will experience a lot of security through transparency. You can better estimate sales, identify storage or production bottlenecks at an early stage, make optimal operational planning and identify quality defects very quickly. You gain time for the essentials!

Event Veranstaltung
Event Veranstaltung

Communicate effectively

Events can be marketed by the Service Champion according to the target group. Plan the communication before and after the event and start optimal campaigns at the touch of a button. You realize how well your communication works and can take action at any time. Manage your participant lists and communicate in a targeted manner.

Achieve the "Best Participant Experience"

Event participants can simply log in and out on the Web. You will receive an immediate response to specific inquiries and can prepare individually for the event.

Organise your event, no matter where you are

Tasks can easily be delegated and coordinated to employees. Important tasks are quickly noticed and urgencies can be prevented. The mobile availability of the tool makes collaboration much easier. Enquiries and tasks can also be handled on the smartphone while on the move. Required information is available at all times.

Health service
Health service

Deepen your quality management

Turn data into information and gain valuable knowledge for quality improvement. In addition, you can send questionnaires online and shine through relevant questions.

Automate Contracts

Generate contracts with the Service Champion at the push of a button. You save a lot of time and work error-free. Also search less and find quickly. The ready-made templates are linked to the database and are filled automatically. The documentation is 100% traceable. Only a small amount of information needs to be entered. The contracts can be accessed from anywhere, even while on the move with a smartphone.

Triage inquiries of any kind

Hotlines and helpdesks are easy to manage with the Champion service. No request is lost. You triage the calls effortlessly, even in a team of part-time employees, and can access fully documented client dossiers at any time.

Manage accounts payable

Especially in health care, billing is particularly complicated. With the Service Champion you will automatically be reminded of pending incoming payments and will issue reminders in a timely manner.


Have a 360 degree view on your customers

See all customer data and history at a glance. In addition to the traditional customer data, you can enter comments on which products were purchased when, and any warranty work carried out is also documented. You know your customers across all employees. Respond appropriately to questions and give the customer the feeling of being in good hands. Forward the customers to the appropriate place with the required information for the responsible person. The result is a continuous flow of information that inspires customers and saves time for everyone involved.

Plan your employees effectively

Save money by effectively scheduling your employees' assignments. Different locations and different peak hours in the branches require a changing number of employees. Also, the qualifications to be offered vary over the week and opening times. The same goes for helpdesk requests. Measure the customer flows or inquiries and have them displayed on dashboards. Over time, they receive the information they need to plan effectively.

Create individual shopping experiences

With personalized marketing campaigns you communicate completely individually and fully automatically with your customers and prospects. You can measure the reactions to your advertising messages and specifically promote actual purchases. You recognize the effectiveness of your measures and get to know your clientele better. The handling of credits and returns is easy. Everything is documented and the customer care runs flawlessly from the order to the invoicing.

Gain valuable insights through transparency

Excellent reporting prevents overcrowded warehouses and bottlenecks in shipments. You recognize exciting clusters within your target groups and keep your promises. You know the activities of your salespeople and can strengthen weaknesses and build on strengths. You can easily increase your sales even in moving markets without costly data analyses. You are always on time!


«Filling the empty gap!»

Fill in the gaps between your proven systems for end-to-end process solutions. With tailor-made solutions and connections, you optimize your processes, which were implemented long ago.

Map your business model

No matter how innovative your business model is or how often you make changes due to changing market requirements, you have the right solution for end-to-end processes. They shine through an agile organizational culture and are always one step ahead of the times.