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Your advantages and your customers' advantages

Get the information you need, get help rapidly, find checklists, get 110 languages online, analyse the GEO-click-map report, order spare parts, order size parts, get a new offer, read log and status information anywhere, signal a problem, analyse the cockpits, care for you customers better, deliver faster, make data available, get management reports, gain over your competitors and many more advantages...

QR-Link Service Portal on Packsys Global Ltd machines

QR-Link lasered label
QR-Link mobile View Machine Packsys Demo

Today customer data is mostly distributed all over the place. Customers do not have a clear global view of their data. The customer and the internal employee cannot work efficiently. This leads to customer and employee frustration and churn. 

A) The QR-Link Service Portal brings together all available data sources e.g. ERP, inventory data, CRM, Tickets, Contact Channels, Logfiles, Manuals, Training videos, etc. everything is nicely grouped together in one place. 

B) The QR-Link Service Portal allows for a simple and fast connection between your customer and you. With a simple scan and click the customer can contact you directly via his smartphone. 

C) The QR-Link Service Portal is a multi-lingual service portal that supports 110 languages worldwide. GEO location click reports as well as live cockpits are available for you and your customer. The usage numbers are shown to you and allow to optimise your services. 

D) The QR-Link Service Portal Video above shows how easy it is for a customer to get help.

QR-Link Flyer

QR-Link Service Portal, dynamic and always up to date, with 110 languages, GEO Services, live Cockpits and easy-to-use Service-Buttons

The QR-Link service portal provides much more than static information. All processes of your company can be offered directly to your customers or field force. Service buttons allow for easy contact over phone, email, chat, whatsapp, forms, tickets, Okomo, etc. New information, training material videos, etc. can be shown on the right machine or object anytime during the lifecycle. New services and product offerings or spare parts can be shown live anytime on the corresponding object. You control and update the available data daily.

  • You send back Information from the field depending on the serialnumber, objectID, Name, GEO-position, location to your backend systems, ERP, CRM, PPS.
  • You integrate data from different systems in the QR-Link service portal so that it can be used by your customers or employees. The viewing of third party data is easy to do. You send back a serial number to your hotline so they can send the right replacement parts thanks to a reference number. You trigger replacements, spare parts, upgrades, ask for an offer or order a service-maintenance action on a critical machine. Even online lookups in your databases are possible and you can show number of available parts from your ERP catalogue or shop.
  • You switch on new services or product features anytime. You never have to swap a QR-Link QR-Code in the field. Everything can be updated easily in the central database. You can activate remote video support in a new button anytime. You change your opening hours of a specific location or partner anytime. You trigger a support process depending on the location of the QR-Link scan and the time of the day. You have another Call Center call the customer back e.g. during the night. You introduce new services anytime.
  • You extend your services portfolio and customer information, e.g. you offer a one-click replacement part order process directly via a new QR-Link service button. This button is shown dynamically via the QR-Link service portal. The QR-Link service portal scales up to your needs anytime. The QR-Link in the field always remains the same. No update overhead work is needed.
  • You can add a new language anytime. The QR-Link does automatic translations for 110 languages via a language interface service. Thanks to the google-translate interface an automatic seed-kick-off process can be launched for every language. A native speaker can then revise the suggestions and make updates where needed.

The QR-Link service portal works worldwide in a flexible, scalable manner and can easily be customised for local needs.

Scan this QR Code and test the super convenient service buttons:

  • use the contact data download, a .vcf business card file, that can be imported into your address book with one click
  • start a video, chat, okomo session with a person needing remote support
  • call a contact person by phone, one-click calling on your smartphone or on your PC with a telephony client (e.g. VOIP softphone client)
  • write an email to the support / hotline team, including automatically the objectID or serial number
  • read the customer success stories of acc solutions AG or read more about the know-how and experience of the acc solutions Team

There are no limits to the service button functionality. Everything with a web-address can be triggered from the QR-Link service portal. Live QR-Link demonstration with the "dynamic business card" below. Click now on this link to see the power of an innovative business card service portal. You can even Okomo chat or screenshare directly with the acc solutions AG Team.


QR-Link Square Code
QR-Link Visitenkarte Service Buttons und Kontaktdaten
Visitenkarte Roger Müller QR-Link

Machine manufacturer example, some more USPs

QR-Link acc solutions Packsys Global Ltd.
QR-Link Code on Packsys Global Ltd. Machine

Add services on top of your machines

  • Add valuable information on top of your machine thanks to the QR-Link Service Portal 
  • Simplify the spare parts order process
  • Let your customer order maintenance straight ahead on the machine in need.
  • Increase your service revenue and increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Differentiate in a competitive market space. An excellence in service already sells the next machine generation.

Can I guess the QR-Link Code publicly and guess a machine web-address? 

The QR-Link Code exists in 2 variants: 

a) The public web-address e.g. based on an incremental serial number e.g. 


b) private web-address e.g. save web-address with a complex private hash URL. This URL cannot be guessed or deducted from another address. acc solutions uses the GUID algorithm to protect the address. Details are explained in the Wikipedia System: 


Can I enable a password access for my customer?

Yes, and in addition, the QR-Link functions are well protected with passwords, MTAN or Single-Sign-On SSO. 

Can multiple QR-Link Codes point towards the same machine?

Yes, both codes below point towards the same machine. The Service Portal can be joined from any number of QR-Codes which is very helpful if the machine is very long and has many sub-sections. 

Packsys Global Ltd. Hash Access GUID QR-Link Code
Packsys Global Ltd. Direct QR-Link Serial Number Access Code
Packsys Global Ltd. Machine Service Portal with Buttons and SAP Data

FAQ about the QR-Link Service Portal

Is the QR-Link code the same thing as a public, free QR-Code from the internet?
No, a QR-Link is a QR-Code service with an access to a portal. The portal provides value added services, Information for the customer, Log data, Manuals, etc. The Portal is also multi-lingual by design.

Muss ich  zum lesen Spezial Scanner kaufen oder Apps installieren?

No, once a QR-Link Code is generated, it can be read on any mobile phone or PC.

Do the QR-Link users need a special training?

No, this ist not needed. You scan the QR-LInk Code and the corresponding portal page opens on your device.

Do I get usage data and live reports?

Yes, usage data, volumes, geo-map data, country or customer information is made available via the QR-Link Platform

Is my machine more valuable to a customer with a QR-Link Service Portal? 

Yes, your machine provides more services to the customers. A scanned Code leads the customer to service buttons, gives out information and allows business processes to be started, e.g. for a maintenance session. You customer knows immediately:

  • Does this machine have a service contract?
  • What SLA was sold with this machine?
  • What spare parts can I order with one click on this machine?
  • When did this machine start to operate?
  • When die the last revision and maintenance happen on this machine?
  • Which parts were replaced in recent years?
  • How much down-time was accumulated on this machine?
  • Who did the last maintenance session on this machine?
  • Are there new errors in the log file available?
  • Which firmware was installed on this machine? When? And by whom?
  • Were there special events noted on this machine?
  • Who is my contact at the delivery partner in my country?
  • How can I reach the emergency team when a stoppage happened?

How can I get the QR-Link Service Portal for my company? Where do I start?
Call acc solutions under +41522224400 or send an email to support@qr-link.ch to get your own customised service portal live in max. 4 days.

Are the physical labels / stickers of QR-Link codes acid-proof and resistant to scratches?
Yes, and acc solutions has partners to produce those codes rapidly on industry standard laser machines.

Example: Lasered QR-Link Code on a polymer plastic structure in size 80x80 mm for Packsys Global Ltd. CI-CD branding according to Packsys needs. Shown a the K-Messe in Germany / Düsseldorf. K 2025 — The World’s No. 1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber (k-online.de)

See  https://packsys_global.qr-link.ch/e37e6e93-ef18-4c0c-9909-8f5108fdce00/

shows the available service buttons on a Packsys Global machine

EMCH Elevators, Services for the elevator users or the real estate management

Machine Service – EQ9123 (qr-link.ch) EMCH Aufzüge AG, example for reaching a hotline via QR-Link in an elevator, service buttons:


EMCH Aufzüge AG Lift mit QR-Link Service

Microsite with product information, online shop and business card for smartstand.swiss, Biel/Bienne

Smartstand wants to be close by the customer. A top professional business card is therefore a must have. All data elements are centrally managed. The Management has access via a google Sheet and can update names or phone numbers anytime they change. No new cards have to be printed in case of a move or change of data. On the Portal a short YouTube Video about smartstand is available too. The customer selects his preferred language from 4 options.

Two graphically distinguished solutions were implemented using the same data feed / content. 

QR-Link Service Portal Variant 1) and 2)

Variant 1, blue style for the business card, language selector French


The service buttons look as follows. They support channels like phone, mobile-calls, E-Mail, WhatsApp, Okomo-Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VOIP-calls, Web-downloads, PDF-downloads, etc.

smartstand Visitenkarte
QR-Link Service Portal

Variant 2) in brown and black style

The next image shows the darker brown, black variant.

smartstand Visitenkarte qr-link service portal


Variant 2) is using the exact same master data record, it just changes the CI/CD style

Studer Gruppe Thun with Studersond.ch / stumatec.com / stucasa.ch / stubore.com Business Card and product information for a professional image at the italian machine trade fare

Within a week the full solution for Stumatec AG had to be developed. The solution had the ready rapidly as Stumatec was showing a new machine at an exhibit in Milan, Italy. A QR-Link Service Portal, a QR-Link Business Card, a selfcare portal and dynamic QR-Link codes for each team member had to be implemented. The business card was auto translated into German, French, Italian, English. All fields can be extended. Click the following links and verify the service portal content.

Hier clicken… https://stumatec.qr-link.com/contact/alessandrochimenti

Business card, italian version

stumatec.ch QR-Link Visitenkarte und Messe Auftritt


Business card Stumatec in German

stumatec.ch QR-Link Visitenkarte und Messe Auftritt Deutsch

How is Coesia using anonymous or public QR-Link Codes?

QR-Link Code URLs can be open / cleartext "machine/44163" or they can be anonymous and encrypted e.g. as a HEX number as follows:

Open:   https://cerulean.qr-link.com/machine/44163

Hash Coded example:  https://cerulean.qr-link.com/7FE2BA00-78F7-4FF7-BCFB-C9B290BC9353

Both codes point to the same QR-Link Service Portal entry. In the public mode one could deduct the next serial number, e.g. 44164. Using the hash code it is impossible to find the next machine ID or code.

QR-Link Code offen und mit GUID

Reporting and Cockpits about the usage of the QR-Link Service Portal

Click reporting 

The live usage cockpits and reports look as follows (Monthly view):

live Auswertungen im QR-Link Service Portal

The Service Portal Owner knows exactly which services are used frequently. A sales team could see when a customer start to search for new parts or maintenance offers. Like this a proactive customer contact can be triggered. This increases customer satisfaction and retention.

GEO Reporting, Live Click-Karte

A scan of a customer will be shown on google map. LIve reporting possible.

A scan creates a dot on a google map

geo mapping im QR-Link Service Portal

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