mechanical engineering

Suitable partners lead to more leads in mechanical engineering

The machinery industry is changing. Despite political stability, low public debt and moderate corporate taxes in Switzerland, new solutions for more sales must be created. The potential lies in the attractive margins of the follow-up businesses.

The recipe for success can be found in customer services with excellent customer knowledge.

 For an excellent customer service, integrated and fully automated business processes are required. The keyword “digitalization” is omnipresent and demands a lot of knowledge, resources and courage from the entrepreneurs.

Missing or too expensive IT specialists, credit crunching for SMEs and the required changes within processes overwhelm most companies. It needs suitable partners who actively support and implement the day-to-day business. Such partners are present in the market and motivate them to tackle the challenges.

The perfect customer service does not only exist in dreams!

 The customer calls the support hotline and reports a defect of an installed machine. The customer service employee opens the customer’s folder and immediately finds all important information regarding the machine, maintenance and reimbursement at a glance. The employee appears to be courteous and very competent. Following recommendations for a next maintenance appointment, the customer service employee has a checklist with questions about the affected machine. In doing so, the customer service employee recognizes the urgency of the problem and can accurately adhere to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the customer. With an overview of the available capacity of the service technician, the customer service employee can approach the customer with realistic problem-solving planning. After completing the call, the customer and the service technician receive the corresponding logs.

The service technician knows his job and can optimally prepare for the visit to the customer. The mistakes are corrected without faults. The service technician is also completely informed about the age, the number of repairs and weak points of the machine and thus is able to advise the customer effectively. Perhaps the purchase of a new machine is more cost effective than a new repair.

The customer feels taken seriously and enjoys the reliable and reputable service. His business has not suffered any damage despite the accident. He will certainly recommend the machine manufacturer and his service to his colleagues.

With coordinated processes in the service area, high savings potential can be tapped. The good service leads to recommendations and generates new sales in two to three years through new customers.

Implement the best help desk with the right partner!

 Modeling business models and business processes in the machinery industry requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Having transparency and continuity across all departments is a big task.

acc solutions knows the industry and offers support as well as motivation. With the service champion, you can cover all processes in your value chain and connect any system. You stay flexible and enjoy all the benefits of a SaaS solution with outstanding support. You make no investments and start within two weeks. Whether with Kaizen, PDCA or KVP your business processes can only get better.

Read the success stories of industry colleagues and be inspired.

Contact acc solutions and find the motivation to make more follow-up sales!