customer statements

“Thanks to Service Champion, we can organize our events with ease. We always keep an overview, so our part-time employees are always up to date.”

Markus Aerni
Founder & CEO

“The extraordinary commitment of the acc solutions team impressed us and helped us. Thanks to the transparency in Service Champion, we were able to significantly increase the efficiency of sales.”

Daniel Steiger
Head of Sales & Marketing
Emch Aufzüge AG

“acc solutions has helped us to implement a globally consistent and efficient service process. In  Service Champion, we are working live with our colleagues in Thailand, India, and the USA. PackSys Global now serves customers 24x7x365.”

Bruno Reggiani
Head of Service Center
Packsys Global Ltd

“Thanks to the modularity of Service Campion, we were able to implement new requirements very quickly and easily.”

Martina Moertner
Project Manager Pocket Connect
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

“acc solutions has sustainably improved the integration processes between customers, suppliers and Hertz stores. Thanks to Service Champion, we now have live cockpits and control available at the click of a mouse.”

Nick Heinert
HIP & Revenue Manager
Hertz Autovermietung Schweiz

“With acc solutions we have simplified our processes. Thanks to the live cockpits we always know what is going on in the Service Desk.”

Nils Kernen
Leader BS Service Desk & Financial Accounting
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

“The process consulting of acc solutions brought us a big step forward. With Service Champion, we offer our customers a top service. Service and orders are now handled quickly and cost-effectively for all customers, 24x7x365, worldwide.”

Jörg Grünig
Director Production & Technical Support